Challenges are competitions in Finale where the contestants convene and battle for safety from elimination and other rewards.

List of Challenges

Below is a list of all the challenges that appear in the series.

Challenge Appearance(s) Winner(s) Rules
Alphabet Tiles Broadway TEAM 2 26 tiles are spread out in front of the contestants. Each tile has a letter of the alphabet on it, and it is the contestant's job to quickly pick up the tiles in the correct order. The first to do so wins.
Auction Broadway
NeNe Leakes
Players are given a chance to purchase items at an in-game auction. Items can include Rewards, Punishments, food items, Immunity, and more. Each player starts with 500 dollars.
Bear Hunt Te Urewera Denny Hallman
Hunter Gatherer
Players are given four locations to choose from to hunt for a bear. Each round, the bear is one location, and players can only choose one location. Whichever contestants choose the correct area score.
Climate Chart Math


Jason In this challenges, players must use a chart that lists the climate records of a certain location to solve math problems. For example, a player may add the record low in March to the record high in May.
Color Timeline


Jason Players are shown a timeline with randomized numbers, each of which corresponds to a color. Players must match the said number with the color it corresponds with on the timeline.
Contestant Coordinates Yukon
Te Urewera
Players are shown a grid featuring the faces of 24 past Finale contestants. The host names a contestant, and players must correctly name the corresponding number-letter combination.
Contestant Scramble Broadway Florence In this simple challenge, the host scrambles the names of contestants from any season of Finale. The first player to correctly unscramble the name scores a point.
Country Rope Cut Berwick Castle  Taco Every player begins with 3 ropes. The contestants are shown a map of countries, each country a different color. Players must name the color of a country to get to cut someone's rope.
Dinner Recall Berwick Castle  Tiffany Similar to the other recall challenges, players must state the dinners served in the current season in chronological order. The player whose order is most accurate wins.
Elimination Recall Berwick Castle 

Usually an outcasts challenge, players must cite the order of the previously eliminated contestants from the season they are competing in.
Finale Trivia Broadway Famous People Team Unlike Season Trivia, in this challenge, players answer trivia questions about Finale as a series, and the questions can range from any season. The first person to answer scores a point.
Hidden Red Dots Berwick Castle
In this challenge, players are shown an image with red dots hidden throughout the image. The first player to send in a version of the image with the dots located wins. 
Hot Potato Oaxaca London Player's play a classic game of "Hot Potato." Someone start with the potato, and the players pass it to each other until the music stops. When it does, the player holding the potato is eliminated.
Immunity Vote Te Urewera Denny Hallman Players are asked to simply cast a vote for who they would like to win Immunity. This challenge allows contestants who have created a popular reputation to gain more votes.
Jigsaw Puzzle Berwick Castle 
A common challenge in the beginning of a season, player's are asked to solve a jigsaw puzzle. The first person to send in the completed puzzle wins.
Key Hunting Berwick Castle Nyan Cat In a challenge exclusive to Berwick Castle, players were ordered to search for keys around a ruined castle. The player who found the most keys wins immunity.
Location Trivia Berwick Castle 
Te Urewera
Contestants are given a reference page filled with facts about the season's location, then are asked to answer multiple choice questions based on the information given. 
Math Through Symbols Yukon Tammy Players are shown a list of symbols that relate to the location. Each symbol corresponds with a specific number. Players must use the symbols and their numbers to solve math problems.
Performance Challenge  Broadway 
Te Urewera
Florence / Harrison
Flynn / Catwoman
This popular challenge originated in Broadway, and has the remaining contestants split into pairs. Each pair puts on a performance for the host. The hosts judges the performances.
Picture & Gif Challenge Berwick Castle Taco In this simple challenge, players must send in a picture or gif that accurately and creatively represents a scenario given by the host. The host choses a winner from the submissions.
Piss Buckets Te Urewera Flynn In this challenge, each contestant holds a bucket containing the urine of a past Finale contestant. Whoever drops his/her bucket each round must give it up to another contestant.
Popping Peppers


Cara DeGrossi Players must continue to eliminate peppers by combining groups of peppers of the same color. Mexican hats remove all the peppers in one row, while suns remove all of the peppers of one color.
Season Trivia

Berwick Castle 

Te Urewera

Denny Hallman
A common challenge, it involves the host asking player's questions about the current season. If a contestant answers correctly, they recieve a point. 
Territory Unscramble Yukon Iggy Koopa Players are shown a combination of letters, which, unscrambled, form the name of a Canadian Territory. The first contestant to correctly unscramble three territories wins.
Tower Blocks Broadway Florence Players must build a tower out of blocks. The goal is to stack the blocks as high as they can go without falling, as the player whose tower stands the longest wins.
Who Said That? Yukon Misery The host presents quotes said by previously eliminated contestants throughout the season. The first competitor to correctly state who said the quote scores a point.