A twist refers to certain game-changing alterations to the game's original format. Several twists have been devised to keep contestants on their toes, as well as keep the game interesting to viewers.

List of Twists

Below is a list of all the twists that appear in the series.

Challenge Appearance(s) Conditions
Double Elimination

Berwick Castle

In double elimination episodes, two players go home at one elimination ceremony. This can happen in one of two fashions. Usually, two votes will take place, each one eliminating the contestant with the most votes. However, in some forms of the twist, one vote will occur, and the two players with the highest number of votes will be sent home.
Fallen Comrades Te Urewera As a part of the last episode of a season, the remaining contestants follow a trail of the previously eliminated competitors, and are given a few moments to say anything they would like about the fallen comrade.


In this twist, players who have been eliminated return to compete in a challenge, where the winner will be brought back into the game. On most occasions, not all of the previously-eliminated players will return, but only a select few who are open to having a chance at returning to the game.
Teams Broadway Players are divided into teams. The contestants compete in challenges in these teams, and the losing team must vote off a member. In team swaps, the current groups are mixed up, leading to new combinations of players. Sometimes, teams are chosen through a schoolyard pick, where certain players will take turns picking the contestants they would like on their team.